SplicePort: An Interactive Splice Site Analysis Tool
SplicePort is a splice-site analysis tool that makes splice-site predictions for submitted sequences, and allows browsing of predictive signals and motif exploration. This collection of signals is capable of achieving high classification accuracy on human splice sites.
Motif Explorer Acceptor Splice Site Donor Splice Site
In order to browse the complete collection of FGA generated features for acceptor or donor splice sites please click on the desired link. The new page that opens will allow you to view and explore subsets of features used in splice-site prediction. Each of the identified feature sets can be easily searched, ranked and displayed. Features are grouped into clusters and frequency plot WebLogos are generated for each cluster. You can browse the identified clusters, and also their contributing elements, and look for new interesting signals or validate previously observed signals.
Splice Site Predictor Upload File or Paste Sequence (FASTA)
In order to use the FGA splice-site predictor, please click on the link to open the area to input your sequence in the FASTA format. You can provide a filename to upload or cut-and-paste sequence into the provided area. Please note that long sequences take long to process.

SplicePort: An Interactive Splice-Site Analysis Tool

Rezarta Islamaj Dogan, Lise Getoor, W. John Wilbur and Stephen M. Mount
Nucleic Acids Research, 2007. NAR pdf


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